Realms of Wonder r28 -- June 3, 2015

This release includes corrections to problems found by new proofreader James Lemon, as well as a few relatively minor changes and a little bit of added artwork.

Ogress in the Woods r2 -- May 31, 2015

After a long hiatus, I am again working on this adventure. This new version includes the outdoor map as well as material regarding using it.

Realms of Wonder r27 -- August 31, 2014

Added Critical Hits and Fumbles rules. Removed Divination spell, completed Sleep and Sending. Transformation is now the only unfinished spell. Replaced Anderia map with one that doesn't have the symbol palette displayed.

Realms of Wonder r26 -- August 18, 2014

Added weights of weapons and ammunition. Added section describing use of oil as a weapon. Corrected "Dexterity" to "Agility" per mTeasdale. Added description of Mind Reading spell.

Realms of Wonder r25 -- August 15, 2014

Added Wilderness Movement rates to Adventuring section. Added weights to equipment list. Removed Astral Projection and Summon spells (not needed in initial version, can always add later). Spells still not detailed: Divination, Mind Reading, Sending, Sleep, and Transformation.

Realms of Wonder r24 -- August 14, 2014

Removed Animate Skeleton and Animate Zombie. Removed Animated Skeleton and Zombie, replaced with Revenant. Added my own special take on the Boggart. Changed "Mystic Bolt" to just "Bolt" as most of the spell names are pretty short and I like it that way (also "Bolt of (v)" aligns nicely with "Spray of (v)"). Added Light and Flame spells.

Ogress in the Woods r1 -- August 13, 2014

First release of this introductory adventure for the Realms of Wonder rules.

Realms of Wonder r23 -- August 13, 2014

Added descriptions for Charm, Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, and added new spell Domination. Included "bartizan" picture in Adventuring section. Expanded Alchemy skill description. Updated map of Anderia. Added a bit to the introductory text. Corrected table formatting in the Equipment section. Expanded Find Traps skill description. Removed Animal Control spell, as it is redundant with Charm and Dominate. Reorganized to move Creatures earlier in the book.

Realms of Wonder r22 -- August 12, 2014

Changed "stun" to "mana" in Regaining Mana Points section. Added a section titled "Relevant Ability Score" and moved the paragraph explaining this rule to that section (was previously under Skill Descriptions). Cleaned up the picture of the archer on the battlements. Corrected a reference to shields affecting Defense Rating left over from earlier rules. Added Alchemist as a skill. Added Treasure section with potion table and descriptions.

Realms of Wonder r21 -- August 11, 2014

Two more spells are detailed, and another one stubbed, and the previous Dodge and Parry rules have been reinstated and updated to work with the new core mechanic.

Realms of Wonder r20 -- August 10, 2014

Magic rules page is complete now. I've added the descriptions for Seeming and Teleport, and a new bit of artwork. Character sheet now has the missing space for skills.

Realms of Wonder r19 -- August 9, 2014

Added more spells and a character sheet. The character sheet is available separately and is also inside the Core Rules.

Realms of Wonder r18 -- August 8, 2014

Monster stats are all converted, and most of the monster text has been checked and revised. A couple more spells are on the list, but as of right now only two are complete.

Realms of Wonder r17 -- August 7, 2014

Skipped a release number again. This release includes another full spell and a kind of a sketch of how I plan to do magic. Also more of the monsters are converted, and a couple of less important ones have been dropped.

Realms of Wonder r15 -- August 6, 2014

More of the rewrite is done. I ripped out the magic rules wholesale and began again, going with a more traditional style of magic.

Realms of Wonder r14 -- August 5, 2014

Abrupt left turn taken. I'm now rewriting the rules entirely, switching to a high-roll system similar to some of my earlier work. The "innovative" resolution system was too hard to balance, so I'm going Old School.

Realms of Wonder r12 -- November 21, 2010

The dragon rewrite is pretty much complete, and all the monsters now have variable hit points given. Nothing has really changed in the player part of the rules with this release.

Realms of Wonder r11 -- November 20, 2010

I've started rewriting Dragons with this edition. Also, the magic system has been more or less completed.

Realms of Wonder r10 -- August 16, 2009

This release includes a revised equipment list (better aligned with the standard starting money values); revised dodging and parrying rules, and new fumble rules, developed after discussion on Dragonsfoot; and details on another monster or two, including giants.

Realms of Wonder r9 -- August 10, 2009

Okay, so there are a LOT of changes in this version... too many to easily list. See the thread on Dragonsfoot for details.

Realms of Wonder r8 -- August 7, 2009

This release changes the way ability scores are intepreted and applied. Much text has been edited, a few more creatures have been detailed, and I've removed the Felris (which were a late addition) from the races of Anderia. I've also begun incorporating artwork, acquired through WikiMedia and Creative Commons.

Realms of Wonder r7 -- August 5, 2009

After a few days of thinking, I've put together another release. Most of the spells are done, the combat rules are polished up (with details about initiative and order of action filled in, and dodging and parrying added), some of the background material improved, and finally, some organizational changes.

Realms of Wonder r6 -- August 2, 2009

Another new release, with many edits. I've reinstated the Automatic Bonus Die rule (as it was the only way to get a Critical on a single-die roll) and added some rules to specifically limit how many bonus dice you can get in combat. Several creatures are detailed now, as well as a few more character races. And, I've incorporated the map of Anderia into the document.

Realms of Wonder r5 -- August 1, 2009

Wow, two and a half years between r2 and r4 (with r3 skipped), and then I get r5 out the same day! This new release has been revised after some discussion on Dragonsfoot.

Realms of Wonder r4 -- August 1, 2009

Somehow I skipped a release number... oh well. This release has been edited quite a bit, though there is still a lot of the old cruft still in there (particularly the last few sections of the spells and scattered through the monster listing).

Realms of Wonder r2 -- January 3, 2007

More cleanup, and a new numbering scheme, are the main elements of this release. I've begun solidifying some of the magic rules, particularly the magical languages, and I've also moved the non-Human races to the campaign section.

Realms of Wonder 2006.1 -- December 23, 2006

This is just a cleanup of 2006.0; still lots of editing to do to get it in shape. I have added a little bit to the Aiming rules, and explained what to do about Missiles that Miss; also, the Exodus is described in the History of Anderia section. See below to download the documents.

Realms of Wonder 2006.0 -- December 21, 2006

The initial public release, rough as heck.