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Realms of Wonder is the result of over thirty years of study and design. It reflects both my history as a game player and designer, as well as my current taste for "rules-lite" design.

The original Realms of Wonder was used in my Anderia campaign. It began as an uneasy marriage of several badly-matched game systems, and evolved into something all its own; but really, it worked only because the players wanted it to. After that game system, I created several more, with names like Realms of Fantasy, Realms of Adventure, and finally Solomoriah's Realms (yes, there's a pattern there). This is an all-new edition, including text drawn from several of my other games, written, played, and discarded over the intervening years.

The rules presented here are not intended for novice players or Game Masters. There is no section explaining how to roll dice, or how to create and run an adventure. However, with the guidance of an experienced Game Master, I believe most any player age 10 or older should be able to play, and enjoy, this rule system.

Anderia is intended to feel mythic, or at least legendary; I've read a bit of the Viking epics, particularly the Saga of Grettir, and I've tried to reproduce the feel of those works. In particular, almost all the humanoid creatures of this game are, in the "scientific" sense, human. Legends and myths tell about ogres and trolls taking human women as wives, or of men dallying with elf-maids or giantesses, and offspring resulting from these liaisons. The world I present here, the land of Anderia, is like that... the brutal Munor, bestial Gorics, and enigmatic Fae are as much "human" as anyone.

Enough said. Enjoy!


Right now, Realms of Wonder is hardly a "thing" and thus has no forums, etc. The best way to learn about the game is to contact me on the Basic Fantasy RPG forums, in the Realms of Wonder Workshop thread.

Map of the Land of Anderia

Here it is:

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Downloading the Rules

I am using LibreOffice to create these rules. Below are links to the rules in LibreOffice format and in PDF format. Unless you plan to make changes to the rules, you probably want the PDF version.

Realms of Wonder
Core Rules, Release 28
Ogress in the Woods
Introductory Adventure, Release 2
Character Sheet
Release 2